Why green tea in skincare is the next big thing

Why green tea in skincare is the next big thing

When you think of green tea, you’d probably think of a sunny morning with a hot cuppa in your hand, or a healthy matcha to start your day. And while green tea as a drink has stood the test of time, it’s been popping up as the new ingredient kid-on-the-block in the skincare world and it’s a serious gamechanger. 

The benefits of green tea

There are a whole host of reasons, but let's start with the science. Green tea is derived from Camellia sinensis, which is a tea plant that contains something called 'catechins'. These catechins have incredibly high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can work to prevent cell damage, which is of huge benefit when both taken orally (that morning cup of green tea!) or even when applied topically (found in certain skincare products, like, ahem… our Honey Shots Clearing Gel).

Why is green tea used in skincare?

Let’s dive deeper into why green tea is beneficial in skincare. For the most part, green tea can be extremely protective for our skin cells. Given its antioxidant properties, it can reduce free radicals which are caused by day to day environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. The reason this is important is because free radicals can contribute to skin irritation, ageing and even lack of elasticity as they attack the collagen in our skin.

It’s also super soothing, which makes it a must for skin that’s irritated or sensitive. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature, green tea helps to calm the skin down and provide relief to skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea psoriasis and acne irritation.

Is green tea good for oily skin?

A skin saviour for some, green tea can be super helpful in fighting acne. It's full of polyphenols which have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can work to reduce sebum production in the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria.

What types of skincare products have green tea in it?

Ours do, honey! In fact, green tea is increasingly popping up in moisturisers, eye creams and treatments because it’s calming but also has depuffing properties. We use it in our Honey Shots Clearing Gel because it’s a targeted treatment designed to banish blemishes. We’ve used the best of the bunch this wonder treatment, including some active ingredients like lactic acid. With exfoliating ingredients like lactic acid present, the inclusion of green tea works to simultaneously calm the skin while the exfoliating ingredients get to work in sloughing away dead skin cells. Give it a try and your skin might just thank you for it!

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