Oh Honey


Australian Manuka Honey (a little buzz about me)


Manuka honey is produced in Australia and New Zealand by bees that visit the flowers of various species of the Leptospermum  plant. They are native to Australia and were first described by Johann Forster in 1776 on James Cook’s second voyage. Many species of the Manuka flower are found nowhere else in the world and Australia is home to 84 of the 87 known Leptospermum  species. 


Our Honey

PollenNation Skin’s products are infused with 100% raw Australian Manuka Honey. Our Manuka Honey is independently tested to guarantee our product MGO activity levels. 

Please refer to the product description on our shop page for specific MGO levels.  


The Science

The therapeutic activity of Manuka Honey is dependent on the bioactive compounds DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and MGO (methylglyoxal). DHA is a compound that is found in the nectar of Leptospermum  flowers. During honey production, it is converted to MGO, which is the biochemical that provides Manuka Honey with its antibacterial properties. It is important to note that different Leptospermum  species produce different amounts of DHA. Therefore, the antibacterial potency of Manuka Honey is primarily influenced by the species of the Leptospermum  flowers visited by the bees.