How to implement spot treatments into your skincare routine


 Let’s bee real – acne’s not fun. With breakouts always deciding to show up when we least expect it, or flare up at the most inopportune time, it can have a real effect on our confidence. So, don’t let breakouts be a buzzkill and follow our guide to the best skincare routine for acne-prone skin.

Step 1: Cleanse – and make it a double


In a nutshell, acne is caused by our sebaceous glands getting blocked with excess oil and dead skin cells. And what happens when our glands get clogged? We get pimples and cysts (annoying, right?). A good place to start in dealing with acne is mastering your cleansing routine.


Your best bet is to opt for a double cleanse – basically, washing your face twice. It’s best to start with an oil-based cleanser (think: cleansing oils or balms) that will help to thoroughly but gently remove makeup, dirt and impurities. If you’re prone to oily skin and shudder at the thought of oils, don’t fret – oil-based cleansers are a fantastic option for acne-prone skin. Oil draws out oil, so it works a treat and is a gentle way to cleanse without aggravating or stripping the skin. 


The second cleanse can be a lighter-feel option (gel, milk or foam cleansers) that goes that extra mile in purifying the skin and making sure it’s squeaky clean. Your skin should feel cleansed, yet still nourished – if it feels tight or irritated, you may need to opt for a more nourishing second step cleanser.


Step 2: Make sure your towels and beauty bags are clean!


After cleansing, you’ll need to towel off and dry the face to prepare it for skincare. It’s important to keep your towels (and brushes, and beauty bags!) clean, so that anything you touch doesn’t transfer bacteria back onto the skin. Whilst this step may seem simple, it’s often overlooked and can contribute to acne-causing bacteria lingering on the skin. Lucky for you, our Terry Towelling Bee-eauty Bag is made from 100% cotton and is completely washable. This means you can give it a wash regularly and ensure it stays clean and free from bacteria.


Step 3: Incorporate a spot treatment into your skincare routine


Now that your skin’s clean, it’s time to go in with a targeted spot treatment. Lather a thin layer of Honey Shots Clearing Gel over the face, or just over the parts of your face that are the most congested, and massage it into your skin using upwards circular motion. The formula helps to banish blemishes, though still keeps the skin plump, hydrated and soothed. Trust us – spot treatments will become your new beauty BFF.


Step 4: Look for particular ingredients in your skincare that help with acne


When it comes to acne, you want to exfoliate, but not overdo it. Look for ingredients like lactic acid, which to help exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores. Pair exfoliating ingredients with anti-inflammatory powerhouses like lemon myrtle leaf oil and niacinamide and you’ve got a match made in skincare heaven when it comes to keeping the skin calm and reducing redness.


Step 5: Go light on the moisturiser


A water-based gel is likely to be your best friend when it comes to moisturising, so opt for our Honey Shots Gel as a lightweight moisturiser. It provides sustained hydration and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like manuka honey and green tea extract, so it supports a healthy microbiome to help with acne.


Step 6: Go easy on yourself


Just remember, acne is common and you’re not alone. Sometimes less is more and embracing your skin can be the key step of all steps in your skincare journey. If you ask us, you’re sweet enough as you are, honey!




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