Why sustainability matters and how bees are fundamental to our ecosystem

Did you know bees play a crucial role in sustaining the planet’s ecosystems? They may be small, but mighty bees pollinate almost 90% of the world’s crops — so it’s safe to say we’ve got a lot to thank our buzzing little friends for.

Whilst at Pollen Nation we often focus on the benefits of honey (after all it is at the heart of all our formulations), it’s really the bee that needs to be celebrated. Here, we shed some light on why bees are absolutely fundamental to our ecosystem and why sustainability matters more than ever.

So, what role do bees play in our ecosystem?

Bees pollinate approximately a third of everything we eat. (Mind blown yet?) Those crisp apples you love, sweet berries or even lean greens like broccoli are all thanks to the hard work of our bee-autiful buzzing friends.

To put it simply, in order to germinate plants need pollen. And as bees move from flower to flower in search of nectar, they leave behind little drops of pollen which then allows plants to grow. Without bees, many plants would die and we wouldn’t be able to produce food sources like we do. It’s safe to say it’s an incredible process of nature.

Why do we need to protect them?

The unfortunate reality is that bee populations all around the world are in decline. Sadly, bees and other pollinators are being impacted by human activities and pollution and it’s crucial that we work to protect them. For instance, the use of commercial pesticides and parasites to treat plants and seeds can cause bee colonies to suffer habitat loss, which can leave them endangered. Climate change is also playing a devastating role to the bee population, with flowers blooming inconsistently due to change in the seasons, ultimately leaving bees with fewer food sources.

Whilst this all sounds pretty gloomy, we’re here to tell you there’s also some good news too. Bee populations can bounce back, and at Pollen Nation we’re doing our bit to contribute to the survival of our buzzy bee friends. As part of our formulation process, we worked with the impressive folk at the Oz Honey Project who conduct research on the medicinal properties of Australian honey varieties. Although much honey is sourced from New Zealand, we have plenty of potential right here in our own backyard in Australia, and so the Oz Honey Project works to test and research different sources of honey in Australia.

Why sustainability matters (in skincare too!)

Given all that bees do for us, it’s our job to protect them and our planet. And while many people don’t associate the beauty industry with protecting the planet, to us it’s just as important that skincare not only helps keep your skin healthy and happy but promotes a healthier planet too.

We’re serious about making sure we protect our buzzing friends, and we’re likewise passionate about supporting the Australian beekeeping industry. That’s why we source our manuka honey from a family-owned business in Queensland who have been operating for 30 years producing high quality manuka. In terms of the planet, you can also rest assured your Pollen Nation product is formulated not only with many natural ingredients (ahem, manuka honey anyone?) but comes housed in recycled packaging too.

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