Australian Manuka Honey is
proven to clear skin.

The low PH level of Manuka Honey will balance the skins PH levels and remove dead skin cells that can cause acne and dull skin.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial qualities also act to heal and treat any existing acne and skin concerns.

An excellent natural moisturiser
that promotes collagen production

Manuka honey is an excellent natural moisturiser, moisturising from within and locking in the water content of your skin bringing out it's natural glow.

Along with it's hydrating benefits, Manuka Honey also assists in the growth of collagen. Collagen is an important agent that allows your skin to feel firm, remain healthy and maintain its youthful glow. Being high in antioxidants that protect the skin and also cleanses your skin from free radicals that speed up the ageing process and cause wrinkles.

The philosophy beehind PollenNation

Pollen Nation Skin was created by Founder Ezra Eldridge a nurse, passionate about skin health, who grew up on a honey farm in North Queensland. She knows first hand the amazing benefits of Australian Manuka Honey in your beauty routine.

Australian Manuka Honey is a little known natural super hero ingredient that heals and improves the appearance of the skin from within. Using Manuka Honey sourced from Queensland, Pollen Nation Skin acts to Clear and Plump the skin to bring out your most youthful glowing skin, naturally. The buzz is real.

Pollen Nation Skin was created to provide a natural, effective and simple solution for women that want to look and feel their best without a complicated and overwhelming skincare routine.


Pollen Nation Skin prides itself on CLEAN and Cruelty Free ingredients.

Every measure is taken to ensure we preserve our planet. Aluminium tubes are used in order to reduce plastic wastage in landfill but also to boost the efficacy of the product.


Along with the hero ingredient Australian Manuka Honey, Pollen Nation Skin uses other ingredients such as Niacinamide with scientifically proven evidence to boost results.


Using Manuka Honey Sourced from Queensland, Pollen Nation Skin is proudly sourced and made in Australia.

For the honey who wants to blossom.