PollenNation Skin

Basics Bundle

$33.00 $37.00


 Terry Towelling Bee-auty Bag
 Tube Key in Rose Gold


Looking to level up your skincare game? Look no further than the Basic Bundle! Have you ever struggled with organising your skincare products or squeezing out every last drop? Well, this bundle has got you covered with its terry towelling bee-auty bag and rose gold tube key. This bundle will make your skincare routine both comfortable and fun. If you suffer from the clutter of scattered tubes and bottles, the terry towelling bee-auty bag is here to solve your problem! This bag is not only stylish but also practical which will keep all your skincare essentials neat and accessible. To avoid searching for all those moisturisers or serums this terry towel makeup bag will provide everything at your fingertips, making your routine easier. But that's not all! This clever tool rolls up tubes effortlessly, so you can make the most of your skincare products. No more wasting precious drops or struggling to get that last bit out.Embrace the convenience and ease of the basic bundle and say hello to a streamlined skincare experience that's both effective and enjoyable.

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